Three Actions for Rapid Relaxation

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Personalized Breathing Regulation

Lights and vibration cues guide your breathing to achieve quick calmness.

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Multi sensory Stimulation(Grounding)

CalmiGo gently stimulates multiple senses to attain a focused and calm state

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Calming Scent

CalmiGo includes long-lasting scented elements for even quicker and deeper relaxation

CalmiGo Gices you back your
Calm , Anywhere , Anytime.

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    Be more Confident & productive At work

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    Be more focused & succesful in School & during Exams

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    Be more confident and productive at work

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    Be more Focused & succesful at school and during exams

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    Get a better good night sleep


Don’t take our word for it !
Calmigo is changing peoples lives.


Long Term Effectiveness

Studies show that using CalmiGo for a few minutes each day reduces symptoms of anxiousness and stress, improving your quality of life, changing the way you respond to stressful situations and minimizing the occurrence of moments of distress.


Don’t take our word for it !

CalmiGo is changing people’s lives anywhere, anytime.

The Science

CalmiGo implements three proven calming techniques

CalmiGo implements three proven calming techniques

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  • Balances PCO2

  • Increase performances

  • Calms nervous system

  • Induce relaxation

  • Ground your senses

Adi’s dream

My dream was to create a device that people can take with them everywhere they go and use it to calm themselves down without the need to use medications or being dependant on other people


Take back control of your Calm today !

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