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CalmiGo - a drug-free device providing immediate relief for moments of distress, anxiousness, and stress by regulating your breathing patterns and stimulating your senses

"I have found CalmiGo to be a very useful tool to help my clients relax themselves naturally and quickly"

Mindy, Psychiatric Nurse, NY

Immediate and
On-Going Relief

You're Never Alone in Moments of Distress

myReLeaf’s patented technology
is with you on-the-go, discreetly, helping you to effortlessly  achieve  relaxation through 4 senses, instantly restoring calm in a way that’s personalized to your unique needs.

Long Term Effectiveness

Studies show that using myReLeaf for a few  minutes  each day reduces symptoms of anxiousness and  stress, improving your quality of life, changing the way you respond to stressful situations and minimizing the occurrence of moments of distress.  


myReLeaf calms your body and mind, gives you control and helps you peacefully confront situations that might distress you

Safe and Drug Free

Scientifically Tested

Recommended by Physicians
and Therapists

Anywhere, Anytime, by Anyone

Easy to Use, Rapid Relief

Adapts to Your Unique
Breathing Pattern

Safe and Drug free

Scientifically Tested

Recommended by Physicians
and Therapists

Anywhere, Anytime by Anyone

Easy to Use, Rapid Relief

Adapts to Your Unique
Breathing Pattern

 Academic Study Results

CalmiGo efficacy was tested by The IDC College, Israel with undergraduate students suffering from test anxiety. Students using the device were compared both to students using unaided breathing techniques and to students who received no specific guidance or treatment
Results:  Calmigo Significantly Reduced Test Anxiety and Worry While Improving Psychological Well Being


How CalmiGo Works

CalmiGo implements two stress-relief methods: Exhalation Prolongation and Aromatherapy - incorporating four senses for faster, deeper relief:

Simply Follow the Lights  

CalmiGo's  simple-to-use feedback lights and vibration guide you to extend your exhalation effortlessly and rapidly achieve a  state of calm.

This is accentuated with an aromatherapeutic  scent, helping you achieve deeper relaxation faster.

Smart Device that Adapts to You

CalmiGo learns your unique breathing patterns and constantly adapts itself to you for maximum efficacy.

CalmiGo Gives You Back Your Life! Don't Stress Another Moment.

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