CalmiGo efficacy for the treatment of exam related distress



Tests and evaluation situations are becoming more and more frequent and influential in today's life, starting from school through university, work interviews and more.  

Tests are a source of distress for many students and 6.5% percent of the US population (~20 million) suffers from exam related distress according to NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health). 

myReLeaf’s efficacy was tested on undergraduate students suffering from exam related distress compared both to students using unaided breathing techniques and to students who received no specific guidance or treatment (control group).
The study was conducted at the ‘Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya', department of Psychology. 

The students in CalmiGo group and in the unaided breathing techniques group used the device three times a day for three minutes each time. The unaided breathing techniques group practiced the breathing techniques three times a day for three minutes each time.

* The full study can be provided upon request. 


The use of myReLeaf demonstrated significant reduction in test related distress measures, worry measures and arousal measures and increase in psychological well-being measures, whereas no significant improvement was shown in both control and breathing exercises group as can be seen in the  graphs below.