CalmiGo is a natural, portable, drug-free solution that can be used in moments of upset, anxiousness, and stress. It is an effective and unique solution that can be used both for immediate relief in moments of distress and for long-term effectiveness.

Adi's Story

My name is Adi Wallach and I’m the creator and co-founder of CalmiGo. The idea came about as a result of my own personal struggles with anxiety attacks. Wishing to avoid medication, I turned to therapy, biofeedback, yoga, herbal supplements, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques to find some relief. While these tools and techniques helped me to lessen the frequency of the attacks, I found that it was very hard for me to use them to a successful degree during the attacks themselves.

When I learned more I discovered that this type of attacks is more than just psychological: it is a physical and chemical ‘assault’ on the body’s systems, one that is so overwhelming that you might think it’s never going to end, that you’re losing your mind or having a heart attack. The feelings during these attacks were so awful that I chose, as many others do, to engage in ‘avoidance behavior’ - avoiding situations or places that may potentially trigger an attack. I stopped going to the cinema, to bars and even to the swimming pool; fear of the next attack was taking a huge toll on my quality of life. It is no wonder that some people also turn to drugs or alcohol simply to find relief. There had to be a better solution.

Out of this unfortunate situation, CalmiGo was conceived. I was searching for something, anything, that I could take with me that would help me get through these moments of distress. When I was unable to find an adequate solution, I decided to create a device which people could take with them anywhere they go, one that would help them stop moments of anxiousness and distress regardless of age, location or technical abilities.

I hope with all my heart that CalmiGo will be there for you as it is for me and for many others and that you’ll regain your calm, control, and confidence sooner than you think is possible!

Yours, Adi Wallach

Signature of Adi Wallach

A Global Stress & Anxiety Epidemic

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. More people than ever are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety. As the numbers continue to rise, the healthcare system is struggling to meet the needs for greater access to mental health care and to deliver sustainable solutions that go beyond medication therapy. According to an analysis of Google data, even the number of searches for the term “anxiety” has doubled in the last 8 years.

The Solution

CalmiGo is a hand-held, patent-pending device that leverages relaxing scents and technology with a quad-sensory user experience to bring about rapid relief and relaxation. It’s small enough to carry in your purse and it can be used anywhere and anytime. It is fast, completely safe and easy for anybody to use. It is a drug-free solution that really works.
As we face increased stress and anxiety in today’s world, CalmiGo is a solution whose time has come.


The CalmiGo team was brought together out of a shared passion for helping others.

Adi Wallach

Adi Wallach, CEO, Co-Founder

Adi holds a B.Sc in biomedical engineering from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and a Master’s level in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and guided imagery from Retter College in Israel. She has spent more than 15 years in management and engineering roles at leading global technology companies. When she isn’t working towards enhancing the world’s wellness, she likes to stay active through yoga practice, Pilates, running, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors with the people she loves best.

Dr.Orna Levin

Dr. Orna Levin, MD, President, Co-Founder

Dr. Levin is a serial entrepreneur and sells several of the products she developed through various global distributors that include Teva and Omega Pharma NV. As a physician, she focuses on natural healing and is a specialist in herbal medicine, acupuncture, and nutrition with more than three decades of clinical experience. Prior to becoming a physician, Orna was a Pilates instructor and still enjoys the practice today, along with her hobby, gold-crafting.

Iko Hson

Iko Hason, CGO, Co-Founder

Iko is a serial entrepreneur that brings extensive expertise in a variety of industries to his role at CalmiGo, including at multinational corporations that focus on digital experiences and user behavior. With more than a decade in management and growth roles at leading consumer companies, Iko has a proven success record in growing companies and creating products that are loved by millions of loyal users. He enjoys gaming, reading, and making his way expertly around the kitchen.

Our Vision

To improve people’s psychological well-being with simple and easy to use technological solutions, bringing both immediate relief as well as continuous improvement of their overall emotional health.

Careers: Join us!

We are a small but powerful team based in New York, NY. We are ready to welcome others who share our vision of helping individuals and providing calm, confidence and happiness in this unpredictable world.

If you see yourself in this statement, we would love to hear from you.
Please contact us at career@calmigo.com