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United States United States

It works!

I'm glad I stumbled upon this product on an ad for a YouTube video about anxiety, no less! I clicked on the ad and was really touched by this woman's story as a PTSD survivor from a terrorist attack. If the product worked for her, then it was good enough for me. I was desperate for anything around this time, having been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and going through panic attacks where I thought I was dying, that I'm so glad I made the jump to purchase this product - no questions asked. I have learned that deep breathing is the soothsayer for anxiety. This product just makes it easier to get into a relaxed state if you're going through a bout of anxiety/panic attacks. Carry it in your bag or just on you, whenever you need it, to know that you can turn to something for help if you need it. It's very easy to use. Just make sure that a battery is in and you're good to go.

Geoffrey b.
Australia Australia


I would recommend it to any1 who has panic attack the lights and scents are great you watch the light smell the scent and after a few minutes panic attack is gone the vibration not so much inportant but it allows you to contcentrate on breathing with the lights going up it could be little bigger so you can really see the lights but thats ok still good either way

Diane C.

So helpful for me

I've been using Calmigo for over a month now and I'm so happy I took the plunge and bought it. I feel a real sense of calm which comes from the way the device really helps you to manage your breathing. I've always struggled to let anyone try to teach me how to breathe deeply and calmly but this device does it subtlety and with practice it starts to feel really natural. I'm so pleased with it!

A CalmiGoshop Customer
Alexandra W.
Canada Canada

This is absolutely awesome

This has gotten me through panic attacks, improved my sleep, and I absolutely love the scents!!! I’m so glad I got this :) it’s a life saver when triggers happen.

Paul R.
United States United States

Very Happy with CalmiGo

I’ve had my CalmiGo for a little over a week now and I’m very happy with it. Using it I’ve been able to reliably enter a state of deep calm. I’ve found it easy to use both at home and outdoors. It’s great having something that’s easy to carry around and use anywhere anytime. I’m giving it only 4 stars because nothing’s perfect. The instructions recommend a 3 minute session but once I’ve begun using it I invariably want to continue for longer, usually about 10 minutes. Often though it seems to stop responding to my breathing after I’ve been going for a few minutes but if I continue it starts again. I’m not sure if this is because it’s only designed for a 3 minute session or if my breathing is changing in some subtle way or if it’s glitchy. Sometimes it even shuts off during a session. When this happens I’ve just turned it back on and continued. And these “glitches” aren’t important because the state of calm induced is maintained in any case. I have a tip for someone who tries it who’s had training with breathing techniques for meditation as I’ve have. When I first started using it I assumed the longer the exhalations the better so I was breathing very deeply and slowly as I’d done for meditation. I was breathing so slowly the device was often shutting off at the beginning of a session. I had to “unlearn” my meditation training to be guided by the device. Once I did it became much easier to use and get to a state of calm