CalmiGo is the only verified drug-free solution which can be used in moments of distress for immediate relief, and daily, for long-term effectiveness.

CalmiGo is a portable drug-free device which:

  1. Guides you to regulate your breathing via simple-to-use feedback that adapts to your own performance

  2. Stimulates your senses by relaxing scent, and with its quad-sensory design. Consequently it helps to achieve calmness efficiently, in a very short period, whenever and wherever you are. With regular use it decreases chronic stress and anxiousness.  

Simply put, CalmiGo enables you to achieve calm more effectively, and effortlessly, particularly in situations when it is hard to achieve it by yourself. Relaxation is achieved when the sympathetic system activity is reduced and the parasympathetic system activity is increased. Slowing your breathing rate, by prolonging your exhalation, is the key to achieving this required change in the sympathetic and parasympathetic system’s activity.

Unfortunately this is not easy to do on your own, even for highly-trained individuals. On top of that, regulating your breathing on your own requires mental activity which elevates sympathetic activity rather than lowering it, making relaxation even harder to achieve.

In addition, CalmiGo scented element and design, stimulates four of your senses to achieve deeper relaxation, faster  

No, CalmiGo doesn’t contain any substances or drugs. Additionally, the scented elements are made of pure essential oil that is non-GMO, organic, and vegan.

If your child can follow the feedback, he or she can use CalmiGo. We have users who have given CalmiGo to their children to help them manage their anxiousness with some amazing results. See our testimonials.

CalmiGo poses no known medical risk. However, as with all breathing exercises we suggest that you consult with your physician if you suffer or have suffered in the past from a chronic disease, have a pacemaker or if you are pregnant.

Your anxiety and stress are harming your psychological well-being and, in many cases, are affecting many different aspects of your life and behavior. This can drive you to avoid specific places or situations, be less productive, less focused, and less happy. In addition to that, there are many health problems linked to stress, such as: heart disease, headaches, obesity, depression, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, diabetes, accelerated aging, and many more. Using CalmiGo to manage your levels of stress and anxiousness can significantly improve your quality of life and help to ease these related conditions.

The option to use it whenever and wherever you are for immediate relief as well as the option to use it daily for long term effects without needing to change your daily routine. In addition it has a modern, sophisticated design which is very easy to use; it is scientifically tested, and it is both drug-free and safe.

CalmiGo is safe and has no contraindications and there are no known side effects. Since CalmiGo is a device and not a drug, there is no concern for drug interactions.

It is advisable not to use CalmiGo while driving. As with all breathing exercises we suggest that you consult with your physician if you suffer or have suffered in the past from a chronic disease, have a pacemaker, or if you are pregnant.

CalmiGo has received FCC, CE approval. As CalmiGo is a consumer device aimed at personal health and well-being, there is no need for it to be medically certified.

CalmiGo device, two scented elements, cloth bag for carrying and storing the device, user manual, quick start manual, and a warranty.

You should use CalmiGo for 3 minutes every time you feel distressed, oncoming stress, simply overwhelmed, or nervous. It is also particularly useful when you have hard time concentrating or falling asleep.

In addition, you should use CalmiGo at least once a day for 3 minutes to achieve a long term effect — it has been shown that using CalmiGo 3 times a day, for 3 minutes each time, significantly reduces anxiety, worry, and arousal measurements. It also helps to increase psychological well-being.

CalmiGo can be safely used alongside medications. Please note, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before use if you are taking medication regularly.

Yes. The device mouthpiece and the inner part of the silicon cover must be cleaned before initial use; use standard 70% alcohol pads that can be purchased in any pharmacy.

You need two triple-A batteries (AAA) to operate CalmiGo.

Yes, the part that rattles in the product is a component of the mechanism that identifies your exhalations.

The scent last for 4-8 weeks. It really depends on the amount of use and your own personal sensitivity to scents.

You can buy additional scented elements in our website Make sure to check the bundles deals to save you money.

CalmiGo will guide you to regulate your breathing patterns with no dependency on the scented element but it might take longer time to achieve relaxation without them and the user experience will be less fulfilling without the smell sense stimulation.

No. CalmiGo is a personal device and can’t be sterilized properly by the user.

If the packaging that your CalmiGo arrives in is damaged, you should take a picture of the damage to the packaging. Next, inspect the contents to determine if the product is damaged. Please take additional photos and submit a Support Ticket to our Customer Care Team:

You are responsible for examining all shipments promptly upon receipt. If you discover any shortages or incorrect products in the shipment, please notify our Customer Care Team immediately at

If you are within the warranty period and believe that your CalmiGo is faulty as a result of defects in material or workmanship, please email our Customer Care team at

Our main goal is to help you achieve calmness and improve your quality of life. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with CalmiGo you may return within 30 days from the date of delivery. Please find our policy here:

We are diligent in our efforts to be both efficient and accurate with all of our shipping procedures. Typically we cannot make changes or alter an order after it has been processed for shipping. If you should discover an error in your shipping instructions, it is vital that you contact us immediately. There may still be an opportunity to correct it. If you wish to cancel an order you must contact as quickly as possible after placing the order so we can attempt to stop it before any charges are incurred.

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