“Our dream was to help people achieve an immediate sense of calm when feeling distressed, and give them back control over their lives. As engineers, we took this vision and created a product to meet this need”.

Smart Technology to Regulate Breathing

The lights and vibration feedback guide you to effortlessly regulate your breath according to your unique abilities and needs at the moment. As a result, the gases in your blood are balanced (CO2, O2) and the system in your brain that is responsible for relaxation (known as the parasympathetic system) is activated. Thus, you achieve calm after just a few breaths. Visit "The Science Behind CalmiGo" page for more information.

A Scented Element with a Dual Effect

The relaxing scent has 2 purposes:

  1. It activates parts of your nervous system which induce mind and body relaxation
    in just a few seconds
  2. When you remove the cover, it immediately activates a psychological and physiological response (related to memories and associations), giving you a sense of calm, even before you turn on the device.

Four Senses Stimulation for Maximum Efficacy

Each one of us has a dominant sense. For some of us, the visual sense is the strongest. For others, the auditory and olfactory senses tend to dominate. By activating four senses at once, CalmiGo efficiently detaches your senses from a stress/anxiousness state to a calm state. No matter what your dominant sense is, we engage it to bring you back to calm and control!

30-day money back guarantee