Scented Elements

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  • Scented elements are designed to quickly activate the parts of the brain responsible for making you feel relaxed.
  • Available scents include lavender, peppermint, and bergamot (citrus).
    • Lavender: a soothing scent that calms, relaxes & relieves tension.
    • Peppermint: a cool scent that refreshes, reinvigorates, & provides focus.
    • Bergamot: a happy, citrusy scent that uplifts & energizes.
  • Scents typically last 4-6 weeks depending on use.
  • Each pack includes 2 scented elements.

“Wholeheartedly recommended. A magical product!”

Yael Shafir, Therapist and N.L.P Certified Trainer

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Rose C.
Australia Australia

I am never one to give reviews but I have to say it was the best money spent. I have suffered panic attacks for many years and I have missed out on many outings because of it. Well not anymore. At first I was sceptical but I decided what have I got to lose. I have had a few anxiety attacks lately especially with what is going on with the World today. Out comes my Calmigo. It regulates my breathing and the scent helps as well. Since using it I find I'm not as anxious as I was because I know I have Calmigo with me. It truly is a lifesaver. I would recommend this to anyone. People say the price is too much but I would pay any price to get rid of my anxiety. Give it a go you won't regret it. If anything you will wonder why you didn't buy is sooner.

Kary A.
United States United States
Amazing device

This is a great device, because it is easy to carry and simple to use. If I use it 3 times a day, it keeps me out of the anxious woods. It's better than medicine because there are no side effects. Easy to use, helps SOLVE anxiety!

Laura G.
United States United States
Help now, no 1hr to 2hr wait, drug free alternative!

I love this little device and the scents! It works almost immediately, calms me down and regulates my breathing. This is the best alternative to prescription drugs in my opinion, I've tried alot of medications, all with side effects, and all which made my anxiety and depression worse. A pill takes way too long to work, 1hr to 2hrs to "kick in" and you get all the side effects that comes with it. This little device has no side effects, its all natural and comes with small pouch to carry with me anywhere! Anytime, anywhere i can use this and it's close to immediate results. Exhale, then inhale through your nose slowly, all you have to do is remember to breathe slowly and calmigo device does the rest! Its recommended you use for at least 3 mins when having an attack until you reach a calm, sometimes all you need is a few breathers. There are alot of things that trigger my anxiety and this is perfect for me. It doesn't take away any stressers, just like a pill won't either but it helps calm you down now, at the present moment, when you need it most, to deal with all the stressers of life. There is no limit to how many times you can use it, you can use it whenever you need it, how ever many times you need to. It's here for me to use and to help me calm down whenever I feel stressed or anxious. Exactly what I need! The customer service is amazing wonderful!! Very friendly, thoughtful and helpful! Thank you calmigo for this wonderful little device and all your help and support! God knows how many people you have helped and how many more you will be helping! Thank you, thank you so much!! I would definitely recommend for anyone and everyone who struggles with anxiety and/or depression who wants help now, at the present moment and different way to control it other than prescription drugs.

Canada Canada
It takes practice

It takes time to get into the routine of using it 3 times a day. I am using this for panic attacks while driving specifically over high bridges when vertigo kicks in - problem is, I haven't been going to a lot of places because of Covid so I am not yet sure how the device is helping me but I will keep trying.

A CalmiGoshop Customer
Megan W.
United States United States
Where have you been all my life!?!

It was easy to order and every bit as much as I expected. I'm extremely excited to have this product by my side and I don't leave the house without it. The scent satchels last a long time and the vibration doesn't startle me or increase my anxiety. I have even looked into buying these for wholesale to retail in my wellness center and spa. And I have touted the benefits of this product to many of my clients and friends. Thank you calmigo.