7 Tips for Avoiding Vacation Stress and Anxiety

7 Tips for Avoiding Vacation Stress and Anxiety

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A vacation trip is meant to be a time for fun and joy, but there are plenty of things about taking time off from work and away from home that can cause stress and anxiety. Before you even start packing for a vacation, read these tips to help you have a less stressful time, no matter where you're going for your respite.

Put Work Aside

One of the biggest mistakes many people often make when it comes to vacationing is not “cleaning their desk” before they leave. This metaphor can mean a few things when it comes to walking away from work for a family or personal vacation.

First, clean up your to-do list at your workspace. This will keep you from thinking about work so much when you're supposed to be enjoying your time away.

Second, make sure the people you work with know that you're heading to vacation. Have someone filling in for you with anything urgent that may come up while you're gone.

Lastly, set up a vacation response on your email and on your voicemail. These three things will give you peace of mind while you're on vacation and will help you avoid needing to make business calls when you should be lounging on the beach or learning to surf.

Make a Packing List, and Check It at Least Twice

Always write down all of the things you need with you on your trip. This is important whether you're vacationing alone or taking your family with you. Some things can easily be bought once you reach your destinations, like a tube of toothpaste or a pair of shorts, but it will be difficult to get your hands on things like prescription medication.

Check the list twice before you even start packing, making sure everything you need is on it. Then, check your packed items a second time while checking off the items on the list.

Charge Your Batteries

Charge your phone, make sure you have chargers packed for phones and other devices.

You also want YOUR batteries charged. Don't spend the night before you leave fretting about what you may have forgotten – if you follow the tips above you probably won't forget anything important. A rested body and mind are less likely to create more stress when you head off to your trip.



Check All of Your Flight, Train, and Mapping Information Before You Even Leave Home

Make sure you know your boarding times. You don't want to miss your train or your flight (talk about stress)! If you're not flying or taking a train, double check all of your addresses and make sure to have them handy.

Don't Put Too Much On Your Itinerary

One thing that may guarantee a lot of stress and is completely under your own control is scheduling too many things to do. When you're planning your vacation itinerary, consider that you'll need bathroom breaks, time to eat, time to travel between destinations, and you want to make sure you make time to allow both your mind and body to relax. If you allow room for these things in between each destination, you'll be less likely to end up stressed.

Make Sure Everyone on Vacation with You Is on the Same Page

If you're vacationing alone, you only have yourself to deal with. When vacationing with friends, family, or a romantic partner, you need to consider everyone else when it comes to making plans.

Vacationing with children can be extra stressful. Make sure that your children, and everyone else on the trip with you for that matter, knows the plan and is on the same page. Don't be the one to pick all of the destinations – allow everyone else to have a good time too by letting them have a say in where this trip takes you.

Understand Anxiety

There may be some anxiety just at the thought of going on a trip in the first place. You or someone in your family may be afraid of flying. Maybe one of your children is prone to motion sickness. When it comes to these types of anxiety issues, consider a natural treatment for stress symptoms such as CalmiGo that is portable and can be used on-the-go.

vacationanxeity vacationstress

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