The Truth About Work-Life Balance

The Truth About Work-Life Balance

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Are you feeling pulled in all directions? Whether you work from home, commute to work, or do a combination of both, setting boundaries to allow for an appropriate work-life balance can seem next to impossible. Despite how challenging it might seem, finding a satisfying balance between work and life is possible. Let’s explore ways to make work-life balance happen for you! 

The State of Work 

Before discussing work-life balance, it helps to highlight what the current state of work is for most people. 

  • Roughly 46% of people feel stressed about their workload. 
  • Approximately 26% of people are experiencing work burnout. 
  • About 40% of people consider their jobs to be highly stressful.

These statistics indicate that work is a significant source of stress for almost half the workforce. Creating firm boundaries between work-life and home-life was never easy, and these days it’s only become more complex. 

Life Stress 

Day-to-day experiences also add to your overall stress. The morning rush, the weekend get-togethers, and the never-ending chores create their layer upon layer of stress. Along with daily stress comes significant life upheavals, like illness, job loss, or divorce. When you combine life stress with the stress from work, the whole shebang becomes overwhelming — your stress level passes the tipping point, and your work-life balance topples over. 

Work-Life Balance Is Not a Destination 

The traditional way of looking at work-life balance is that it is something to be achieved. This school of thought assumes that your choice is binary; it’s either work or your life outside of work. And it pushes the narrative that there is a pinnacle of work-life balance for you to attain. 

The truth is that work-life balance is about effectively managing the stresses of all parts of your life. Work-life balance is more about dealing with the ebb and flow of stress in your life. Work-life balance is not a destination; it is a process! 

Tips for Life Balance 

The best way to balance all aspects of your life is to manage stress and prioritize your interests. Fortunately, you can take steps to create a more balanced life. 

Know Your Limitations

Knowing how to say “no” allows you to direct where you spend your energy. Develop an awareness of your stress levels, and make a concerted effort to set limits. Find ways to say “no” to activities that don’t meet your needs. 

Be Flexible

A highly scheduled life not only makes you feel overwhelmed, but it also doesn’t leave enough wiggle room for life’s uncertainties. Be flexible enough to roll with the punches and be willing to accept changes. 

Think Long-Term

Adopting a long-range approach to work-life balance prevents you from placing too much emphasis on the day-to-day hurdles. Work-life balance is an ongoing process and requires continually adjusting your interventions. 

Learn and Implement Stress Management

Although your life may have major stresses at the moment, it won’t always stay that way. The goal is to make it through stressful periods healthy and resilient. Developing effective stress management techniques helps you through difficult times and benefits your mind and body.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

In conclusion, work-life balance is more about finding equilibrium through stress management. Identifying ways to deal with stress and adjust to changes will prevent you from feeling unbalanced. 

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