April is Stress Awareness Month

Apr, 2022
Stress is an emotional, physiological and psychological reaction to various factors in our lives.  It often takes the form of feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. Money, work, family, economic outlook and relationships were the five top-reported sources of stress in an American Psychological Association survey.
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The Benefits of Positive Visualization

Jun, 2020
anxiety recovery anxiety relief positive visualization stress management

We often find ourselves lost in thought during the day, reliving memories and wondering about our lives. These are called...

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Taking Control of the Wheel

Mar, 2020

According to the  AAA Foundation for Traffic, Americans drive a total of 2.45 trillion miles on the road and, on...

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Five Medication-Free Ways to Get Your ZZZs.

Mar, 2020

What is Insomnia? If you’re finding yourself staring at the clock, watching the morning creep closer and closer with no...

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3 Ways to Decrease Stress and Improve Heart Health

Feb, 2020

American Heart Month February is the month of hearts—both literally and figuratively. It’s the month of chocolates, roses, and cardiovascular...

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5 Tips to Overcome Working Mom Stress

If Instagram were any indication you’d think being a working mom was about perfectly coiffed kids and meal prepped lunches...

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Set a New Year’s Evolution

Dec, 2019

The start of a new year can feel exciting and full of opportunity for some people. However, for someone struggling...

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3 Signs You Have Chronic Stress (And How You...

Stress. Everyone deals with it. Whether it’s due to increasing responsibilities at work, a death of a loved one, or...

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Why the word “No” is affecting your relationships –...

Oct, 2019

  Let's talk about the word “no” and how it affects the way you converse with other people. First, let's...

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April 3 – Stress Awareness Month - Wednesday Wake...

Apr, 2019

One of the key areas of health affected by stress is cognition. Stress may make it difficult for you to...

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