The Benefits of Positive Visualization

The Benefits of Positive Visualization

We often find ourselves lost in thought during the day, reliving memories and wondering about our lives. These are called daydreams. Although daydreams are magical and comforting, they don't help us meet our goals. There's a method that's a bit like daydreaming that can help us better ourselves. It's called positive visualization.

What is Positive Visualization?

Positive visualization is a “mental rehearsal” in your mind. It’s a focused daydream about doing the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.  Very often, our minds tend to amplify the obstacles in or path. We then hone in on those obstacles and feel defeated. Positive visualization is the opposite. It teaches your mind to spotlight positive outcomes and overcome barriers.

Here are a few ways that positive visualization is more than a daydream.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Unlike a daydream, where we can drift off anywhere, positive visualization asks that we stick to a script. We imagine ourselves in our minds, taking the steps we need to improve ourselves. By seeing ourselves having and doing the things we need to succeed, we feel more confident in ourselves. And the more confident we become, the more likely we will be to make the decisions we need to make in real life to succeed.

Improves Your Focus

Visualizing the same things over and over will improve your focus. When you calm your mind to visualize, you teach your brain to focus. You'll find that your attention span will grow even when you're performing other activities because you're exercising your brain's ability to stick to one subject.

Hope and Inspiration

Positive visualization keeps you from feeling defeated and hopeless. Instead of feeling sad and worn, positive visualization can energize and inspire you. By allowing yourself to imagine success, you're less likely to give up.

How to Perform Positive Visualization

Positive visualization can work for any goal. Whether you need to run a marathon, overcome a fear, or learn to play the guitar--positive visualization is a convenient tool to help you get to where you want to be.

To visualize, imagine yourself taking steps to meet your goal. The more accurate and real the details are, the better. What you're doing is simulating the experience in your head. You can picture yourself adeptly performing the tasks, and succeeding. Don't forget to add emotion to your visualization. See yourself feeling calm and taking control of the situation. Imagine conquering the roadblocks that can come in your way. It's essential to use the same format and scenarios so that your brain can develop "muscle memory" regarding the challenges.

Positive Visualization as Part of Your Toolbox

Positive visualization is not a replacement for practice, determination, and hard work. It is, however, an essential part of the tools you need to meet your goals. If you find yourself struggling with self-doubt and lacking motivation, positive visualization can help spark your fire.

If you’re having trouble calming yourself enough to visualize, you can give CalmiGo a try. Using CalmiGo to pattern your breathing and center your thoughts can help you visualize more effectively. Combining CalmiGo with positive visualization might help you accomplish your goals in no time!

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