How Summer Heat Affects Our Mood

The Weather Influences Our Mood The weather can affect our mental health in more ways than we realize. We’re all...

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Boosting Your Immune System Through Stress Management

Mar, 2020

Stress and the Immune System We’ve all been there. Studied all week for Finals Week, surviving on one hour of...

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5 Tips to Overcome Working Mom Stress

If Instagram were any indication you’d think being a working mom was about perfectly coiffed kids and meal prepped lunches...

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The Vicious Cycle of Anxiety and How to Break...

Everyone feels stress and anxiety from time to time. It helps us overcome daily struggles and pushes us to improve...

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April 3 – Stress Awareness Month - Wednesday Wake...

Apr, 2019

One of the key areas of health affected by stress is cognition. Stress may make it difficult for you to...

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The Link Between Pets and Stress Relief

Dec, 2018
natural anxiety relief Natural stress reliever pets stress relief

People that own pets, whether it's a dog or cat, or some other type of furry or scaly pet, know...

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How to Use Scents to Reduce Stress?

Nov, 2018
Aromatherapy natural anxiety relief Natural stress reliever Relaxing scent

The magic of scents actually begins with your sense of smell. Because of the way your sense of smell works, it is far more powerful than most of us are aware.  Your sense of smell and taste are both chemical senses. Interestingly enough, people who lose their sense of smell often lose their sense of taste. If they don't completely lose it, it is still significantly affected by the inability to smell. The sense of smell is indeed an essential part of the human experience. 

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