The Link Between Pets and Stress Relief

The Link Between Pets and Stress Relief

People that own pets, whether it's a dog or cat, or some other type of furry or scaly pet, know that these critters offer comfort (and so much more). Indeed, studies have shown that pets offer more than just companionship. They help improve mental health, physical well-being, and more.

How Pets Help Us

You've probably had an experience where it seemed like your dog or cat somehow knew you were in a bad mood or feeling depressed and they seemed to give you extra attention, as though they wanted to help you get through this rough time. Whether or not your pet has some sixth-sense telling them when you need extra comfort, they offer it.

Here are some of the things by which having pets can improve your life:

1. They Reduce Your Stress Level and Blood Pressure

When you stress about things, it increases your heart rate and even raises your blood pressure. Pets help reduce both stress and blood pressure.

When you're in a panic, petting your furry friend offers natural stress relief. Yes, sometimes pets can be stressful too, but if you train your pet well and take good care of them, they will take care of you too.

2. They Increase Your Joy

Dogs and cats, and even rabbits and snakes do things that make us laugh. Laughter is a great medicine. It decreases stress and it could even help you lose weight (yes, laughing at your dog trying to fit all his toys in his mouth at once burns calories for you).

3. They Offer Comfort and Companionship

All pets, big and small, offer some companionship. Having a pet wards-off the feeling of loneliness.


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4. They Motivate You

Pets offer motivation too. Dog owners can attest to this the most. Dogs need exercise, and exercise is a natural way to beat anxiety and stress.

In general, pets motivate us to get up and do something. Even small pets that live in cages most of their lives need food, cleaning, and attention.

Allowing A Pet Into Your Life

Don't take getting a pet lightly. All pets, no matter their size, need care and attention. If you don't feel like you have time to properly care for a pet or the money to ensure they're properly taken care of, you should find a different natural way to deal with your stress and anxiety.

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