The Benefits of Bergamot Oil

The Benefits of Bergamot Oil

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Light Citrus Scent

People typically think of citrus scents as zesty and sharp. If you’ve ever cut into a lemon or peeled an orange, you know that burst of energy that a citrus scent sends to your brain. But, did you know that citrus scents can also be calming?  For millennia, bergamot (a citrus plant) has served as a calming agent.

Bergamot is unlike most citrus plants. It only grows in a specific climate and is particular about the soil it's planted in. The fruit looks like a cross between a lemon and lime and sized like an orange. As a fragrance, bergamot is gentle and light. Though you might not recognize the name, bergamot is found in many beauty and household products. Bergamot stars in many favorite perfumes as a "top note." Like a familiar tune, bergamot is a scent you recognize but can't figure out the name.

Bergamot History

The bergamot plant originated in Europe, near the Mediterranean. In Italy, the bergamot plant adorned the gardens of aristocrats. Italians understood how effective the scent was at creating feelings of peace and calm. They grew bergamot not just for the fruit, but for the scent it left in their gardens.

If you're a tea drinker, you may already know bergamot well. Bergamot is the prominent flavor of Earl Grey tea. In the perfume industry, bergamot is an indispensable scent. Bergamot is present in many high-end perfumes from Christian Dior to Missoni. But, bergamot isn't only well-known because it possesses a pretty aroma— it's also because it creates a sense of calm.

Bergamot: Essential Oil

Though citrus scents are famous for generating feelings of happiness and joy, bergamot has the added benefit of also creating feelings of calmness. Bergamot essential oils come from the rind of the bergamot fruit, where most of its scent resides. For centuries, bergamot essential oils have been incorporated in lotions, balms, and perfumes to help ease feelings of stress and create feelings of peace. Those who practice aromatherapy already understand the benefits of bergamot essential oils. Bergamot is a go-to aromatherapy scent for boosting feelings of mental well-being and calmness.

Currently, bergamot’s use as a complementary therapy for stress and anxiety is finding traction. A 2015 study of 41 females found that bergamot essential oil, used with water, can change the body's physiologic response. Bergamot is used as aromatherapy for medical waiting rooms to reduce anxiety for patients. A 2017 study in the journal Phytotherapy Research showed that bergamot was effective at reducing the stress patients felt while in the waiting room of a health center. There may be a reason why Earl Grey tea is calming, and bergamot perfume relaxes -- it's a physiologic response to bergamot!

Introducing our New Scented Element!

CalmiGo is proud to introduce bergamot as one of our newest scented elements. Light, bright, and citrusy, but also airy and calm, bergamot is the perfect familiar top note to help ease your mind.

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